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  • Shanghai Nurses Supported Wuhan for 34 days to Record the Touching Moments in Leishenshan Hospital with "Paintbrush"

    March 23, 2020,22:28,source: PengpaiNews Since her departure on February 19, Wang Hui has been working in Wuhan for 34 days by March 23. Wang Hui in protective clothingWang Hui is a nurse in the international medical care center of Shanghai General hospital. As a member of the third batch of Shanghai medical support team in Wuhan, she is currently responsible for nursing the patients in the C3 ward of Wuhan Leishenshan hospital. Besides caring for patients, she also created many paintings with mobile phone software, recording the touching moments in the ward, as well as the patients and medical staff's hope for the future. Wang Hui in nurse's uniform (Guitarist in the middle) In the ward of leishenshan hospital, medical sta...

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