Institute of Translational Medicine

Shanghai General Hospital’s Institute of Translational Medicine is Shanghai General Hospital’s main organization for scientific research. It’s dedicated to the translational research that helps to make findings from basic medical research useful for clinical applications. The institute’s current Director is Professor Wang Xingpeng; its Executive Director is Professor Sun Xiaodong; its Executive Deputy Director is Researcher Zhu Yanhong. 

Preparations for the establishment of Institute of Translational Medicine began in Jan. 2015, and it was finally founded in Jan. 2016. Located in the Hospital’s South Division in Songjiang District, its current total floor space is about 8,000㎡. The hospital has invested more than RMB 80 million in the institute’s infrastructure construction, including basic platforms for molecular biology, cell biology, intestinal microbiology, histomorphology, biological sample library and laboratory animal, on which we can carry out research on translational medicine for common human diseases. In the next 2-3 years, bigger investments will be made in the institute. 

Institute of Translational Medicine mainly consists of Institute of Tumor and Cell Metabolism, Institute of Intestinal Micro-ecology, and translational research centers for immunological diseases. In addition, it also has the Public Service Platform, Laboratory Animal Center and Clinical Biological Sample Library. In the meantime, Shanghai Key Lab for Pancreatic Diseases, the hospital’s 8 key specialized clinical PI labs (i.e., the Gynecology and Pediatrics Center’s PI Lab, the Urinary Surgery Center’s PI Lab, the General Surgery Center’s PI Lab, the Tumor Center’s PI Lab, the Orthopedics Department’s PI Lab, the Pharmacy Department’s PI Lab, the Respiration Department’s PI Lab, the Cardiovascular Center’s PI Lab) are all constituent parts of Institute of Translational Medicine. To facilitate construction and management, the institute also sets up a management office. 

Welcome to Institute of Translational Medicine in stable progress and open for sharing! 

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