The Clinical Medical School of Shanghai General Hospital, built in the Affiliated No. 1 People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, is supported by the deep cultural deposits of the hospital in a century. With outstanding faculties and medical strength, it has become a clinical medical school with 40 teaching and research offices (groups) and relatively complete educational system. It began to undertake the seven-year teaching task of Nanjing Medical University in 2001, seven-year teaching task of class for gifted students of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine in 2007, five-year task of teaching the students majored in clinical medicine of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine in 2008, standardized training of resident doctors in 2010 and became the eight-year clinical teaching base of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine in 2015. It has made a great deal of trials and explorations in promoting teaching level, improving training quality and building standardized training mechanism for resident doctors and specialists, and harvested much experience and good effect.

    The School provides nearly 30 courses each year, about 2500 credit hours. There are about 300 teachers to carry on theory teaching and practice teaching, of which more than 90% of the theory teachers have senior professional titles. Nearly 500 medical workers in the School have Teacher Certifications, which is beneficial for it to strictly practice the system of teaching with Teacher Certifications. In order to improve clinical teaching quality, it adopts the internship trial group shifting mode and responsibility system based on teaching secretary.

    In teaching demonstration, the clinical teaching demonstration zone of the School is established at the Neurology Department and 2A ICU of the southern branch, which plays a leading and demonstration role in teaching during ward round, case discussion, nursing clinical teaching class, course completion test in PPT, training of operating skills, humanistic education, teaching reform and innovation.

    The School proactively implements the reform of teaching method. PBL teaching is conducted in optional courses such as main course for internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics, Critical Care Medicine and Comprehensive Treatment for Tumors. There are 68 teachers across 22 clinical departments have the certificate of PBL training, thus a set of mature PBL teaching and organization management methods have taken shape preliminarily in the School.

    The School actively promotes the integration of clinical courses and conducts integrated teaching and practice teaching by physicians of various departments based on a single disease so as to improve the comprehensive critical thinking ability of the students in multi-discipline crossing and evidence-based medicine "focusing on diseases". It has completed the second round of integrated course of digestive system and oncology. The digestive system integrated course passed the inspection and acceptance of the expert group of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and got high praise.

    The School attaches high importance to the construction of clinical teaching faculty. It cultivates and improves the teaching capability of clinical teachers by actively conducting teaching training, expert lecture, trial lecture of new teachers, assessment on teaching plans and supervision of experts. It strengthens the construction of PBL teaching faculty by formulating and implementing the system for PBL teacher training and teaching observation; promotes the development of teaching faculty in simulation medicine by such new optional courses as Basic Theory and Operation of Laparoscope and Training Course for SimMan3G Advanced Simulator; strengthens the ability of clinical teachers in teaching of skill training by building a team of trainers; consolidates the theory and practice simulation training of teachers by planning the "classroom for clinical virtual reality". In the meantime, it encourages young teachers to take active part in teaching and training activities with the center for development of teachers of the School to improve teaching level and quality.

    In addition, the Hospital incorporates the construction of teaching faculty into the outline for talent development. On one hand, it expands the overseas channel for cultivating clinical physicians through the "Thousand Plan for Excellent Young Talents", "Plan for Excellent Young Talents" and "Plan for Outstanding Physicians", and on the other hand, it further defines the teaching target, direction of teacher development and construction of teaching faculty, guarantees medical staff's enthusiasm and activeness in clinical medical teaching and promotes standard and system-based clinical teaching activities by formulating and implementing the Plan for Assessment and Examination of Annual Teaching Work of Teachers, Measures on Administration for Examination of Teaching Secretary, Measures on Administration for Examination of Teaching Allowance, Plan for Examination of Supervisors and Matchmaking Between Recruitment for Professional Technical Post and Teaching Examination Index of the Hospital. The School holds teaching examination & evaluation each year, the result of which accounts for 15% of the individual performance, annual discipline/department examination & evaluation and evaluation & employment of professional titles. This fully indicates that the Hospital places much importance to clinical teaching and effectively stimulates the teaching enthusiasm of clinical teachers.

    The School actively promotes clinical and basic teaching exchange, and allows clinical course teachers to prepare lessons and discuss the integration of teaching content and clinical cases with basic course teachers so as to better integrate the clinical and basic teaching faculty, which greatly improves both the clinical and basic teaching quality; now more than 20 clinical physicians of the Hospital participate in teaching pathophysiology of the foundation stage and eight-year PBL teaching of organ system. The School holds a series of academic activities on specific topics, integrates relevant teaching resource of all affiliated hospitals, unifies teaching standards and develops teaching specifications with the help of the Pathology Center, Pathology Department, Ophthalmology Department and Department of Vision Science of the Medical School.

    Since issuance of the "12th Five-Year Plan", the School has proactively refined its characteristics, carried forward its advantages, advanced with the times and blazed new trails in a pioneering spirit. As a result, it made a great result in the construction of teaching quality engineering. In particular, it won one project for construction and sharing of national excellent open courses, one prize for nomination of special class for excellent teachers of Baosteel Education, four excellent teachers at provincial and ministerial level, five teaching researches at provincial and ministerial level, 24 teaching honors at bureau level, 20 teaching projects and 30 teaching researches (including five at ministerial level and 25 at school level). Besides, it published 43 teaching papers and two SCI teaching papers online. At the same time, our hospital actively advances training on the practice and innovation ability of undergraduates and successfully declared 17 innovative test projects of undergraduates (including eight at national level, three at ministerial level and nine at school level).


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