CCC is the abbreviation of Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is certified by German Cancer Society (DKG). It is a full-cycle management model for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors. The purpose is to standardize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and make the centers The level of diagnosis and treatment of tumors is homogenized.

According to the characteristics of tumor diagnosis and treatment, CCC requires a close cooperation network for the disciplines related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, including the diagnostic process, the relevant disciplines of the treatment process, and the disciplines of rehabilitation, nursing, psychology, nutrition and community care, and soothing medical care, and formulates the operational procedures for each cooperative discipline (SOP). Through the multidisciplinary discussion (MDT) format, the cancer diagnosis and treatment plan is formulated to achieve the full cycle management of the tumor, and the disciplines can be seamlessly connected to improve the patient's medical experience, and strict quality control is required for each patient's diagnosis and treatment. The quality of cancer diagnosis and treatment was evaluated by CCC quality meeting, complications discussion meeting, death case discussion meeting, etc., and the rectification plan was continuously proposed to improve the level of tumor diagnosis and treatment. In addition, strengthening continuing education has strict requirements for the on-the-job learning of all medical staff in the center, and continuously improves the team's ability to diagnose and treat diseases. On this basis, strengthen clinical and basic research, do a good job in patient follow-up, establish a biological sample library, and promote the development of the discipline.

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