First case of acupunctura anesthesia surgery in China in 1958)
First case of experimental and clinical research study of islet cell transplantation in China in 1982)
Shi Meili, the first “Nightingale Prize” winner in Shanghai in 1987)
In Apr. 2000, a successful heart transplantation surgery performed in our hospital. The patient after surgery survives the longest time in Shanghai.  )
In Feb. 2001, combined Liver-Kidney transplantation surgery was successfully performed in our hospital, which is the first case in Shanghai.)
In Feb. 2001, the first Nursing Consultation Center in China was set up in our hospital)
In Jul. 2001, our hospital successfully performed the first case of UCBSC transplantation treating aplastic anemia in the country)
In Mar. 2002, the first case of laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy was successfully performed in China. )
The first Asian adult kidney islet cell transplantation was successfully performed in June 12, 2005. )
The patient of the first case of H1N1 influenza in Shanghai was discharged on, Oct. 3, 2009.)

First case of acupunctura anesthesia surgery in China in 1958

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