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Guests from North Carolina State University Visited Our New Building

On May 31, a group of MBA students  from North Carolina University visited our hospital, which is a part of their project of understanding China medical system. Hong Jiang, chief physician of emergency department and Shen Hua, director of International Medical Care Center accompanied the group to tour around the new building, emergency department and IMCC.

Doctor Hong led them to the new building of emergency department where he explained the whole registration system and treatment procedure to the American guests. In return, they expressed strong interest in the automatic registration machine where they asked in detail about its utilization and the function. They said the American hospital had not yet applied this system which obviously can improve the patients' experience and the management efficiency. In the injection and infusion area, the American guests observed how the nurses treated patients.In IMCC, Doctor Shen led them to visit the technology area and the wards. While in Q-A session, American guests raised couple of questions concerning running of the hospital, the growth of a doctor in China and the communication barriers between doctors and patients, Doctor Shen shared his experience to illustrate the steps a medical student must take to grow into a qualified doctor in China.

The American group is the first foreign group to witness our turning point as the emergency department completely transferred from the mixed area of the old building to the new building. They expressed their willingness to come and visit next time with more research projects.

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