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A Patient’s Letter to the Nephrology Department of Shanghai General Hospital: Thank You for Your Accompany in My Past 21 Years!


“This year is my 21st year of peritoneal dialysis, and it will also be the year I have to leave the dialysis team. My peritoneal function has been on the verge of failure and I’m no longer able to continue with peritoneal dialysis. Although it's a bit regrettable, I am very grateful for the past 21 years that every medical staff member in the nephrology team has given me meticulous care and care like family members. Thank you for your help that I could overcome my illness and regain my confidence so many times. Here, I also want to encourage all "kidney wardmates" to believe in hope and embrace the sunshine”—— Patient Xiao Xie


In 2003, a 21-year-old patient named Xiao Xie was diagnosed with uremia and decided to undergo peritoneal dialysis treatment after visiting the nephrology department of Shanghai General Hospital. During the peritoneal dialysis treatment, Xiao Xie, like a normal person, took care of his studies, work, and life, and also formed a deep friendship with the peritoneal dialysis medical team of the Southern Renal Department of SGH.


In 2021, Xiao Xie was diagnosed with calcification defense. As one of the serious complications of uremia, his left calf suffered from extensive ulceration, and the physical pain and psychological torment made him almost give up treatment. With the meticulous care and encouragement of the peritoneal dialysis team in the nephrology department, Xiao Xie ultimately recovered successfully. Considering that Xiao Xie's peritoneal function is gradually deteriorating, and to avoid the risk of temporary deep vein catheterization, the medical staff of the nephrology department also timely guided him to complete the fistula surgery in advance, making sufficient preparations for the next step of turning to hemodialysis treatment.


"Here, every healthcare worker is like a family member. They encouraged me when I felt down, comforted me when I was in pain, and helped me when I felt helpless. In every treatment in the past 21 years, they have never been absent and always accompanied me, giving me more courage and confidence to face it. Thank you!"


 (The Southern Department of Nephrology and the Department of Nursing jointly hold the Kidney Wardmates Meeting)


Patient Lao Wang, who shares a similar experience with Xiao Xie, has regained hope for life with the scientific diagnosis and continuous assistance of the peritoneal dialysis team at the Southern Renal Department.


Several years ago, Lao Wang's physical examination indicators had already shown abnormalities, but were ignored due to the lack of obvious symptoms. Last year, Lao Wang suddenly felt weak and malignant, and was diagnosed with uremia after visiting the southern nephrology department of our hospital. "At that time, I was very frustrated and felt that living was meaningless. It was the peritoneal dialysis team who helped me out of the predicament, regained my confidence, and began actively receiving treatment," Wang recalled.


Now, Lao Wang has been receiving dialysis treatment for over a year, and as he returns to a normal life, he often goes out and walks with his wife, feeling that life is still full of beauty and hope.


The southern nephrology department of SGH has now become the largest peritoneal dialysis center in the Songjiang area, with over 250 maintenance peritoneal dialysis patients currently being followed up. The Nephrology and Peritoneal Dialysis Center also regularly holds nephrology club activities, aiming to help patients better grasp the exercise rehabilitation after dialysis treatment through communication and sharing, science popularization and education, and interactive games.

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