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Good News for Myopia Patients: ICL Lens Implantation at the Ophthalmology Center of Shanghai General Hospital Songjiang Campus Helps to Enhance High Definition glassless Vision

Nowadays, with the high incidence of myopia, people's pursuit of quality of life has made myopia surgery one of the choices for some myopia patients. Corneal laser surgery, represented by full femtosecond laser surgery, has become the first choice for most patients to correct myopia. For myopia patients with thin corneas, high myopia or who are not suitable for corneal laser surgery, ICL lens implantation is another optimal choice.

On the afternoon of February 26th at 1 o'clock, a myopic patient with thin cornea successfully underwent ICL lens implantation surgery in the operating room of the Southern Ophthalmology Center of Shanghai General Hospital.

The patient had a preoperative naked eye vision of 0.05 in both eyes, a myopia of 5.25D in the right eye, and a myopia of 6.50D in the left eye. After surgery, their naked eye vision was 1.2 in the right eye and 1.2 in the left eye, regaining a high definition vision.

With precise measurement, optimized design, and precise operation, the No. 2 Refractive Department team of Shanghai General Hospital Ophthalmology Center provides minimally invasive, safe, and convenient myopia correction medical services for the myopia population with the need for glasses removal.

What is ICL crystal implantation surgery?


ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) intraocular lens implantation, also known as intraocular lens implantation in crystalline eyes. We correct myopia by implanting a special "contact lens" into the eye. Compared with corneal laser surgery, ICL lens implantation surgery does not require cutting of corneal tissue or changing corneal morphology. The surgery is reversible and is an additive surgery.

Which population is suitable for ICL crystal implantation surgery?


Age 18 and above, myopia degree 50-1800 degrees, astigmatism within 600 degrees, and stable for 2 years. Especially suitable for patients with high degree, heavy dry eyes, or thin corneas who are not suitable for corneal laser surgery. A comprehensive examination should be performed before ICL surgery to ensure that the entire eye and body condition are suitable for surgical treatment.


At present, The southern ophthalmic center in Shanghai General Hospital Songjiang Campus has achieved full coverage of various refractive error correction surgeries such as corneal laser surgery and ICL lens implantation. Our team will tailor a professional solution for you based on the inspection results, and work together to create a high-definition glassless vision. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the service philosophy of "pursuing excellence and putting patients first", provide first-class technology and services for patients!

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