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Prof. Lou Meiqing’s Team Successfully Fulfilled a Would-be Bridle’s Romantic Promise With Exquisite Surgical Skills


“Can I be hospitalized now?”


"Let's register for you first. There are many people waiting in line for admission surgery."


" I'm getting married, the wedding date already set, just before the end of the year. I need a surgery as soon as possible!"


On the eve of a happy wedding, fate tested the bride in an unexpected way. The onset of a disease forced her to face an urgent craniotomy surgery, and the risk of facial paralysis cast a heavy shadow over her marriage. At this moment full of unknowns, she felt like a small boat sailing in the sea, the upcoming storm waiting in the darkness ahead.



On a morning in October 2023, A lady from Anhui stepped into the clinic room of Director Lou Meiqing in the Neurosurgery department of Shanghai General Hospital.

"Hello Professor Lou, I came specifically from out of town and there may be a tumor in my head. This is my film." Ms. M handed out a stack of materials. Dr. Lou received the medical records and carefully inquire about her symptoms and condition. Ms. M did have an acoustic neuroma with a size of 41mm * 30mm * 25mm. This is a benign tumor originating from the vestibular nerve. Although the growth is slow, the tumor is now very large. If left untreated, it can cause irreversible damage to hearing and severely compress the brainstem, endangering life. Treatment can also easily lead to postoperative facial paralysis.


"Director Lou, I have decided that I’ll have surgery as soon as possible, so that my wedding could be held on time before the New Year, I understand that there is still a recovery period after the operation, and I wish a complete and happy wedding!"


Facing this decisive would-be bride, the treatment team felt an extra pressure than before. The surgery will profoundly affect the bride's future. During treatment, it is not only necessary to face the complex physiological conditions of the patient, but also to have sufficient understanding and support for the patient's psychology.


The surgery day finally arrived. The operating room was filled with a solemn atmosphere. "Will I have facial paralysis?" Ms. M nervously asked the nurse in the operating room. The instrument nurse, Ms. Li, gently held her hand, said, "Don't be nervous. You've found the right person. Dr. Lou is the best, and he will do his best." Her tone had a reassuring power.


Ms. M laid on the operating table, taking a deep breath and silently cheering for herself, praying that she could overcome this ordeal. The neurosurgery team led by Dr. Lou were preparing surgical instruments in an orderly manner, with everyone performing their duties and cooperating harmoniously.


It was a huge tumor. Its growth mode and the degree of facial nerve displacement was complicated. The degree of adhesion between each tumor and the facial nerve varies. Ms. M's tumor had a higher fat content and more severe adhesion to the nerves, increasing the potential risk of facial paralysis. As the surgery progressed, the internal auditory canal and brainstem ends of the facial nerve were located one after another. At the entrance of the inner auditory canal, it was found that the facial nerve had been compressed and widened more than twice by the tumor. Director Lou calmly gently separated the sharpness bit by bit, and finally preserved the complete facial nerve. After six hours of intensive surgery, the tumor was finally successfully removed.


When the intraoperative electrophysiological monitoring stimulator could still generate a broad waveform at the brainstem end of the facial nerve, the entire surgical team breathed a sigh of relief.


Every minute during surgery tests the doctor's calmness and professionalism. Even when facing uncertain surgical risks, we will do our best to strive for the best treatment outcomes for patients. Because this is not just a surgery, but also a return of the doctor's kindness to patient’s trust.



January 25, 2024


Passing through the white corridor of the hospital, Ms. M walked lightly into the 7th floor of Neuro Surgery department once again.

"Hello Dr. Lou, I came back specifically to express my gratitude to you. Thank you and your whole team for helping me get through that crucial surgery." The bride presented to the team her wedding candies and a delicate banner contained all her gratitude during her recovery process.


It looks like that Ms. M's body has perfectly recovered. Her neurological function was preserved at the first level, and her auditory nerve structure was intact. Her wedding was held as scheduled!


“We wish Ms. M have a beautiful life in the future; May her love tree remain evergreen. Fortune and happiness is not only our commitment to Ms. M, but also to all patients.”  Dr. Lou said.

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