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Leadership Appointment meeting Held in Shanghai General Hospital Jiuquan Hospital


On December 4th, 2023, Leadership Appointment Meeting of Jiuquan Hospital of Shanghai General Hospital was held to announce the appointment decision of the Jiuquan Municipal Committee, and Gao Zhen was appointed as the executive director of Shanghai General Hospital Jiuquan Hospital. Wang Liqi, Secretary of the Jiuquan Municipal Party Committee, and Zheng Xingdong, President of Shanghai General Hospital, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Li Shengqian, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiuquan Municipal Party Committee, member of the Municipal Government Party Group, and Secretary General of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting, with Vice Mayor Jin Qiaorong presiding over the meeting.

Wang Liqi presented an appointment letter to Gao Zhen, Executive Director of Shanghai General Hospital Jiuquan Hospital.

Wang Liqi pointed out that the cooperation between Shanghai General Hospital and Jiuquan City to jointly build a national regional medical center is not only a specific action to implement the decisions and deployments of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to promote the expansion of high-quality medical resources and regional balanced layout, but also a livelihood project to comprehensively improve the medical service level in Jiuquan, even the five cities in the west of the Yellow River, Gansu, and surrounding areas such as Qinghai, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia. Jiuquan is a gathering place for talents, multi-ethnic integration and development, and a leading force in the province's economic development. We need to fully understand the significance of the construction of national regional medical centers, further enhance our sense of responsibility, mission, and urgency, and strive to build Shanghai General Hospital Jiuquan Hospital into a first-class, provincial leading, and nationally renowned comprehensive regional medical center in the northwest region as soon as possible.

Wang also emphasized that Shanghai General Hospital Jiuquan Hospital should strive to rank itself in the first class, fully create a new development pattern, seek breakthroughs in mechanism innovation, scientifically formulate development strategies and medium and long-term plans, firmly grasp the direction of socialist hospital management, and further promote the sinking of high-quality medical services; We need to make breakthroughs in talent cultivation, unify the cultivation of high-quality and versatile talents, explore diversified and high-level talent introduction methods, and effectively form a full chain of talent connectivity guarantee from recruiting young doctors to establishing renowned medical studios; We need to make breakthroughs in disciplinary construction and promote Jiuquan Hospital to move towards a first-class level in the province in the diagnosis, treatment, and clinical research of difficult and severe cases. All relevant departments should effectively unify their thoughts and actions with the decisions of the Jiuquan Municipal Committee, continue to support the hospital's party committee and administrative work, and continue to maintain a good trend of hospital reform and development stability; We must comprehensively ensure the working and living conditions of the experts dispatched by Shanghai, and carry out the relocation and construction projects of the new campus with high standards. The leadership team and all cadres and staff of Jiuquan Hospital should strengthen the construction of medical ethics and conduct, and effectively make the masses feel the new style, new changes, and new achievements.

Zheng Xingdong said that as an output hospital, Shanghai General Hospital will further increase its support for the construction and development of co built hospitals, actively promote the implementation the joint treatment of diseases, joint management of chronic disease, joint promotion of health, co-construction in disciplines, co-education for talents, joint creation of scientific research, information sharing, and resource sharing management models. The new leadership team and all colleagues of Shanghai General Hospital Jiuquan Hospital should further improve their ideological stance, and complete all work with higher standards, greater efforts, and stricter requirements; We need to further transform the concept of development and fully promote the achievement of the main goals of "three transformations" and "three improvements" in the high-quality development of public hospitals; We need to further enhance development capabilities, strengthen the dean's responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee, improve hospital regulations and various systems, formulate development plans and plans, innovate operating mechanisms, and strengthen cultural construction; We need to further strengthen our work style, promote a culture of learning, investigation and research, a sense of responsibility that is always at ease, a steadfast commitment to long-term achievements, a sense of responsibility that is open to challenges, and a sense of unity and cooperation; We  also need to further strengthen the bottom line of safety, strengthen awareness of clean governance risks, and enhance our ability to self regulate.


After the meeting, Zheng Xingdong and Jin Qiaorong also conducted research on the construction of Shanghai General Hospital Jiuquan Hospital.

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