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The Appointment Ceremony for the Director of Shanghai General Hospital Ningde Hospital was Held


On November 17th, 2023, the appointment ceremony for the director of Ningde Hospital of Shanghai General Hospital was held in Ningde City. Zheng Xingdong, President of Shanghai General Hospital, attended. Zhang Yongning, Deputy Secretary of the Ningde Municipal Party Committee as well as the Mayor of Ningde, presented the appointment letter to Zheng Zhi, newly appointed President of Shanghai General Hospital Ningde Hospital. Liu Dufan, Deputy Mayor of Ningde, presided over and read out the appointment document. Xia Liangyu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Ningde Normal University, attended.

On behalf of the Ningde Municipal Party Committee and Government, Zhang Yongning expresses sincere gratitude to Shanghai General Hospital for its kindness and support to Ningde City. He pointed out that the medical and health industry is related to thousands of households, a major livelihood issue, and an important component of the business environment. The successful implementation of the cooperative medical project with Shanghai General Hospital is a milestone for the medical and health industry in Ningde. We hope that both sides can further enhance consensus and pragmatic cooperation, work together to run Shanghai General Hospital Ningde Hospital, and strive to create a model of regional cooperation in medical services; The new management team should boldly carry out work, translate advanced medical concepts, management models, and medical technologies, and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in disciplinary capacity building and talent cultivation; Medical workers from both sides should accelerate and deeply integrate, integrate the "Shanghai Power" and "Spirit of East Fujian", and drive the overall improvement of the city's medical service level. All levels and departments in the city should raise their ideological awareness, stick to the mission of building a "healthy Ningde" and being responsible for the health of the elderly and villagers in eastern Fujian, cherish cooperation opportunities, fully provide support and guarantees, and work together to do good deeds well and implement practical things.

Zheng Xingdong stated that Shanghai General Hospital will continue to increase its support for the construction and development of Ningde Hospital. We hope that the leadership team, experts, professors, and medical staff of Ningde Hospital,Shanghai General Hospital, can further improve their ideological stance, transform their development concepts, enhance their development capabilities, strengthen their work style, and build a solid safety bottom line. We hope to promote the high-level and high-quality development of Ningde Hospital,Shanghai General Hospital, and create a new model of cooperation between provincial regional medical centers, making new contributions to the construction of "Healthy Ningde".

After the appointment ceremony, Zheng Xingdong gave a special lecture titled "Reflections and Practice on the High Quality Development of Shanghai General Hospital" to the Medical Management Commission of Ningde and the person in charge of the city's medical and health system.

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