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Dr. Ruitao Wang, A Specialist from Shanghai General Hospital Joining the Medical Group to Aid Medical Care in Qinghai Province

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Dr.Wang Ruitao, a specialist from our hospital and surgeon of General Surgery Center, was set out to Qinghai Province to aid local medical care.

On July 21st, our hospital held the 2023 Cadres Symposium on aiding Qinghai province. Jing Qin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai General Hospital, Xingdong Zheng, Deputy Secretary and President of Shanghai General Hospital, Jing Shen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Dr, Wang Ruitao, surgeon of the General Surgery Center and member of the medical team aiding Qinghai province, Zhengjun Qiu, director of the General Surgery Center, and directors of relevant departments attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Jing Qin expressed full affirmation and respect to Dr.Ruitao Wang and the General Surgery Center on behalf of the Party Committee. He emphasized that the aiding work is a political task that promotes stability and benefits in the long run. Shanghai General Hospital attaches great importance to the aiding work. It is hoped that Dr.Ruitao Wang will fully promote the "the Spirit of Shanghai General Hospital" and leverage his disciplinary advantages to bring the the experience and technology to assist in the development of Qinghai's medical and health industry. He stated that the Party Committee will provide strong support to the team members and their families.

Dr.Ruitao Wang made a statement. He expressed the understanding of the importance of this mission and deeply felt the honor of the mission. He will keep in mind the instructions and strive to complete all the aiding tasks. 

According to the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and the National Health Commission, in 2023, the new specialists will join the Shanghai medical team aiding Qinghai province. Dr.Wang Ruitao, as the medical team member, will be dispatched to the People's Hospital of Guoluo Prefecture, Qinghai Province, to carry out one-year aiding work. This is also the first time that Shanghai General Hospital sent specialists to carry out medical work in Qinghai Province. On the day of departure, Shen Jing on behalf of the Party Committee to see off Dr.Wang at the airport.


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