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Shanghai General Hospital Approved as National Standardized Training Base for Orthopedic Residents

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On July 21, the "ceremony of establishment of the standardized training base for the orthopedic residents" was held in Shanghai General Hospital. Jiang Jianyuan, President of the Orthopedic Specialized Branch of the Shanghai Medical Doctor Association, and Zheng Xingdong, President of Shanghai General Hospital, Cai Zhengdong, Discipline Leader of the Orthopedic Center, Song Dianwen, Deputy Director of the Orthopedic Center and Director of Spinal Surgery (South), Sun Wei, Deputy Director of the Orthopedic Center and Director of the Bone Oncology Department (North), Chen Xiongsheng, Chief of the Third Spinal Departments, Ma Xiaojun, Deputy Director of the Bone Oncology Department (North), and Liu Wei, Director of the Education Department, attended the ceremony, The ceremony marked the official establishment of the standardized training base for orthopedic resident.

Jiang Jianyuan said in his speech that since its establishment in 2015, the Orthopedic Residency Training Professional Committee has actively carried out orthopedic training, constantly discovering problems, amending drafts, and optimizing the system, so that orthopedic residency training has gradually become scientific, standardized and rational. The orthopedic department is the first among departments of Shanghai General Hospital that has become one of the five new orthopedic professional bases in Shanghai in 2023, which is quite challenging and valuable, and it is also one of the achievements of the hospital's discipline construction. It is hoped that orthopedic residential training base of Shanghai General Hospital will continue to make progress and create new achievements under the cooperation of multiple departments.

Zheng Xingdong pointed out that orthopedics is a "peak discipline" of Shanghai General Hospital. In recent years, the hospital has vigorously promoted the "centralization" construction of orthopedics and achieved initial results. Currently, it has covered 2 centers (orthopedic clinical medical center and trauma clinical medical center) and 11 sub disciplines. Zheng Xingdong proposed the following requirements to surgeons of the orthopedic department: firstly, to take the establishment of the training base as an opportunity to make breakthrough, and pursue new heights; The second is to change the concept of development and strictly manage departments; The third is to enhance development ability,scientific research ability, teaching ability, and diagnosis and treatment ability; Fourthly, we need to muster up the drive for development and seize opportunities; Fifth, we must promote the comprehensive development of the department; Six is to scientifically formulate various rules and regulations and strictly implement them.

Cai Zhengdong, the academic leader of the orthopaedic center of Shanghai General Hospital, said that the department would do its best to build the training base, develop regular training and assessment plans, earnestly implement the main responsibility system of "the first responsible person", and implement the "Mentorship" for regular trainees. At the same time, the department will continue to strengthen the cultivation of teaching staff, improve the talent team, and use excellent teaching resources to assist in the construction of standardized training bases. While cultivating new talents, they will achieve mutual learning between teaching and learning, and live up to the expectations of the National Health Commission.

Liu Wei introduced the standardized training of resident physicians in Shanghai General Hospital. In recent years, the hospital has implemented a distinctive "four three" educational reform". At present, the hospital has a total of 260 graduate supervisors, including over 100 doctoral supervisors; There are 21 specialized residential training bases, including 3 national key bases and 24 Shanghai specialized training bases. Liu Wei stated that Shanghai General Hospital will strictly carry out training work in accordance with the new national "two standards" regulations, and establish a "training work leadership group" to implement three-level management. Strictly standardize the orthopedic training and assessment system, further implement various supervision, management, and feedback systems, and fully ensure the smooth progress of all work in the orthopedic training base.

Song Dianwen, Deputy Director of the Orthopedic Center and Director of Spinal Surgery (South), introduced the construction of the Orthopedic Clinical Medical Center. He stated that orthopedics department at Shanghai General Hospital was established in the 1950s, and under the leadership of previous directors, it has been passed down through hard work and has become an orthopedics center covering two major centers, 11 sub disciplines, and 228 beds. At present, the orthopedics department has developed clinical features including surgical treatment of bone tumors (pelvis, limbs, spine), comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, and minimally invasive treatment of orthopedic diseases. In recent years, the department has achieved excellent results in the cultivation of young talent teams, teaching, research, and various fund applications. All members of the orthopedics department will take the establishment of the residential training base as an opportunity to anchor goals, work hard, and jointly write a new chapter in the development of orthopedics.

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