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The "2023 Sino-Morocco Perioperative Summit Forum on High-risk Pregnancy and Maternity Held Online

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The "2023 Sino-Morocco Perioperative Summit Forum on High-risk Pregnancy and Maternity", hosted by the Chinese Moroccan Medical Team and jointly organized by the Sedat team and Shanghai General Hospital, was successfully held online. The summit gained a total of 12000 online followers and received favorable feedback. As is well known, the perioperative management of high-risk pregnant women poses a huge challenge to clinical work, requiring interdisciplinary collaboration among obstetricians, midwives, anesthesiologists, and  physicians of intensive care to ensure the health and safety of mothers and newborns. And 2023 marks the60th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese medical team and the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Morocco. This important historical moment was seen as an opportunity to attract experts from China and Morocco to conduct academic discussions on the perioperative issues of high-ranking pregnant women, gathered wisdom and conspired to arouse academic resonance between professionals from both countries, improve clinical diagnosis and treatment levels, strengthen medical cooperation, and better serve the majority of pregnant women and newborns.

The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Liu Fang, Director of Cooperation and Exchange Department of Shanghai General Hospital. Mr. Ait El Khadir, Director of Health Department of Saidat Province, Morocco, pointed out in his speech that this summit is timely for the current situation of maternity in Morocco, and he believed that the discussion between experts of the two countries will help to improve the level of maternity protection, and Mr. Khadir highly praised the medical team's positive contribution to the health protection of the local people. Mr. Fan Xiaosheng, Captain of Shanghai Medical Team for Morocco, pointed out that there are huge differences in maternal and child health care between China and Morocco, and there are many difficulties in clinical work, so he hoped that this summit can create an interactive exchange platform for specialists. President Achibet Mustapha of Hassan II Hospital in Saidat Province, Morocco, said that he had cooperated with Chinese medical team members in two hospitals, and highly appreciated the work of the medical team, and sincerely thanked the medical team for taking the initiative to organize this academic conference. Finally, Mr. Qin Jing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai General Hospital, made a speech. Mr. Qin greeted all the members of the medical team of Shanghai General Hospital and spoke highly of the achievements and dedication of the team. Qin Jing pointed out that it is our important responsibility to ensure the safety of mothers and children. As the Critical Maternity Consultation and Treatment Center in Shanghai, Shanghai General Hospital has always been committed to efforts to provide quality services to the patients. He believed that the Sedat medical team in Morocco, which is made up of doctors from Shanghai General Hospital, will bring  Morocco's healthcare to a higher level.

According to the arrangement of the meeting, experts of obstetrics and gynecology from China and Morocco shared the management of high-risk pregnancy and childbirth and interpretation of the guidelines, clinical work experience and so on. Starting from the management experience of Shanghai Critical Maternity Rescue Center, Director Xu Xianming presented rich experience of how to better ensure the safety of mothers and babies. Director Li Jinbao focused on the duties of anesthesiologists in the perioperative management of high-risk pregnant women and the anesthesia management of common high-risk diseases, while Director El Hamzaoui interpreted the principles of the local treatment of high-risk pregnant women in Morocco such as hyperemesis gravidarum, hemorrhage, and gestational diabetes mellitus. Dr. Cai Bin shared his experience in dealing with postpartum hemorrhage of different types and etiologies, and Dr. Brini Jihane shared his experience in dealing with preeclampsia, analyzing the cases and demonstrating the cases of clinical management. From the perspective of midwives, nurse Refki Ilham focused on the role of midwives in the management of high-risk pregnancy and childbirth and how to do a good job in newborn care and resuscitation. At the end of the meeting, Captain Fan Xiaosheng Gave a summary. He thanked the leaders and experts of Shanghai General Hospital and the Health Department of Sedat for their strong support, and thanked the Sedat detachment for their careful organization. This academic activity has achieved the expected effect, which should be a good beginning, will open up new ideas for the future work of aid to Morocco, and will help to further enhance the in-depth exchanges between China and Morocco in the field of medicine.

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