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The Experts from Shanghai General Hospital Visited Shangrao Municipal Hospital and the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical College to Develop Coopetation and Provide Medical Consultation for the Public

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At the invitation of the Government of Xinzhou District, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, and Jiangxi Medical College, a team of 15 experts from Shanghai General Hospital, led by Vice President Wang Han visited Shangrao municipal hospital and the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical College to carry out research and free medical consultation from June 29 to June 30. The expert team was introduced the development of Shangrao municipal hospital and the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical College in teaching and research. The experts gave specific opinions on the weakness and strength in various disciplines, and fully demonstrated the feasibility of cooperation with various disciplines of the two hospitals.

The cooperation and exchange meeting with Shangrao municipal hospital was held in Shangrao International Conference Center. Pang Biaoguang, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Shangrao Municipal People's Congress and Secretary of Xinzhou District Committee, Chen Helong, deputy head of Xinzhou district government, Zheng Changyong, Secretary of the Party committee of Shangrao municipal hospital, Liu Hekai, President of Shangrao municipal hospital, Zhou Yongshan, director of the District Committee Office, Wang Huajun, secretary and director of the party group of the District Health Committee, and Yang Hongqing, director of the economic development research center of the district government, attended the meeting.

Pan Biaoguang extended a warm welcome to the experts from Shanghai General Hospital, and introduced in detail the basic situation, regional advantages and development potential of Shangrao, especially Xinzhou district. Xinzhou district is the main urban area of Shangrao City. It is known as the "first gateway of Yuzhang". The transportation extends in all directions, and the Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway and Hefei Fuzhou high-speed railway meet in a "cross". It is the first county-level city in China to have two high-speed railway passenger transportation, and it takes 3 hours to reach the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Min River Delta urban agglomeration. Pan Biaoguang hoped that the municipal hospital would seize the opportunity to learn the superb technology, advanced management concepts and work style, and take the strength to improve the technical level, so that citizens in Shangrao can obtain better medical services at home. It is hoped that this activity will build a better bridge for the communication between Xinzhou District and high-level medical talents in Shanghai, effectively improve the overall diagnosis and treatment level of the whole district.

Liu Hekai introduced the status quo of Shangrao municipal hospital. Founded in 1951, Shangrao municipal hospital is a public tertiary  general hospital integrating medical treatment, health care, teaching and scientific research. It is "Shangrao hepatobiliary surgery center" and "obstetric emergency center in Xinzhou District". The hospital has two campuses. Wusan campus is located in the downtown area, covering an area of 19.5 Mu with 750 beds; Sanjiang campus is under construction, covering an area of 80 mu with 800 beds, and will be completed and put into use at the beginning of 2024. Liu Hekai expressed the hope to rapidly improve the discipline ability and service level of Shangrao municipal hospital through all-round cooperation with Shanghai General Hospital.

Wang Han thanked Xinzhou District for its warm reception. He introduced Shanghai General Hospital including history, discipline development, operation, scientific research and teaching, and advantageous specialties. At the same time, he said that promoting the sinking of high-quality medical resources is an important part of building a high-efficiency medical and health service system and an important measure to provide medical treatment for the masses. It is hoped that the two sides will enhance exchanges, strengthen cooperation and establish closer ties in future work through this symposium.

After the discussion, the expert group visited Sanjiang campus and Wusan campus, which are under construction in the municipal hospital, and carried out ward round, treat patients in the inpatient ward, and gave guidance to the patient's medication. The experts also put forward constructive suggestions on the planning, construction and development of the hospital departments.

On the morning of June 30, the expert group and its delegation carried out free clinic consultation on the third floor of the outpatient department of Shangrao municipal hospital, and provided free clinical consultation and diagnosis services to the public face-to-face. The experts served more than 180 patients. 

On the afternoon of June 29, Wang Han led a team to carried out cooperative research with First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical College. Fang Yihu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of Jiangxi Medical College, Zhou Zhengdao, member of the Party committee and vice president, Wu Jianping, Secretary of the Party committee of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical College, Liu Guohan, vice president in charge of the executive work, and members of administrative departments accompanied the investigation.

Fang Yihu extended a warm welcome to the experts from Shanghai General Hospital. He hoped that the affiliated hospital could take the the exchange and cooperation as a starting point to make full use of the medical resources and platforms of Shanghai General Hospital, comprehensively strengthen the cooperation and exchange between the two hospitals, learn from the advanced experience and practices of Shanghai General Hospital, and to achieve the high-quality  development with the help of the huge driving force of "medical education collaboration, science and education 

Wang Han introduced Shanghai General Hospital and said that the cooperation would be carried out between the two hospitals in many aspects, such as discipline development, research and teaching, talent training, and the establishment of green channels, so as to form a joint force in the high-quality development.

The expert group visited the outpatient building of the eye clinic, and vice president Wang Xuelin introduced ophthalmology department  in detail. The experts fully affirmed the culture, layout, facilities and equipment of the hospital.

On June 30, director Zheng Zhi and director Chen Hui of ophthalmology department at Shanghai General Hospital carried out activities such as teaching ward rounds, difficult case discussions, and gave careful guidance from the aspects of discipline construction, medical technology, quality management, and put forward detailed opinions and suggestions on the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical College was founded in October 1949. It is a comprehensive second-class hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, prevention, health care and community service. Shangrao eye hospital and the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical College are jointly operated by two brands. Based on the former ENT Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical College and the eye disease treatment center of Nanchang Railway Bureau, it is a tertiary eye disease specialist hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. It is the first tertiary eye disease specialist hospital at the prefecture and municipal level in Jiangxi Province, In January 2023, it was successfully listed as a member of the first "one-stop intravitreal drug injection practice base" in Jiangxi Province, and took the lead in entering the national integrated management system of innovative diagnosis and treatment of fundus diseases.

In the event, Shanghai General Hospital, Shangrao municipal hospital and the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical College reached a consensus on future cooperation, and made solid steps for exploring regional and medical cooperation. Shanghai General hospital will better serve the grassroots people in Shangrao through expert sinking, technical support, talent training, remote consultation and other channels, improve the service capacity, so that more Shangrao people can enjoy Shanghai's high-quality medical resources at home.

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