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Shanghai General Hospital Collaborates with the Chinese Red Cross Foundation Launching the "2023 China Health Tour" in Xinle city, Dingzhou city and Xibaipo, Hubei Province

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From June 14 to 16, 2023, 14 experts from Shanghai General Hospital, led by Zheng Xingdong, the president of the hospital, visited Xinle, Dingzhou and Xibaipo city, Hebei province starting "2023 Healthy China Tour" activity initiated by Red Cross Society of China. The experts provided free clinical consultation and medication for the patients in Xinle City Hospital, Dingzhou People's Hospital and Xibaipo Health Center. In Xinle City Hospital and Dingzhou People's Hospital, experts carried out in-depth exchanges with local doctors, made plans for the discipline development.

Zhu Siqi, Director of the Red Cross Foundation of China, Guan Dongmei, Vice President of AstraZeneca, Li Jinyong, Director of Xinle Health Bureau, Wang Qingjiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinle Hospital, Wang Binghui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Dingzhou Health Bureau, Cui Yuhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dingzhou People's Hospital, and leaders of the two hospitals and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting respectively. 

Both Jia Xin, Minister of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, and Zhu Siqi, Director of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, expressed their hope in video and on-site speeches that the Shanghai experts can local hospitals upgrade new methods and ideas, and enable high-quality medical resources to benefit a wide range of grassroots patient, promoting the improvement of local hospital diagnosis and treatment levels.

Guan Dongmei, vice president of AstraZeneca, said that AstraZeneca would continue to build a common learning and exchange platform for all medical institutions, help grass-roots hospitals improve their medical service level and benefit people in one side.


Li Jinyong, Director of Xinle Health Bureau, and Wang Binghui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Dingzhou Health Bureau, both said in their speeches that this activity is a vivid practice to promote the effective sinking of high-quality medical resources into the county. The medical expert team of Shanghai General Hospital conducts health free clinical consultation at county-level hospitals, which is a practical and good thing that benefits the people's livelihood and the public. They hope that hospitals can seize this rare opportunity to effectively improve the overall medical technology and comprehensive service ability.

Wang Qingjiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinle Hospital, expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to the arrival of a group of experts from Shanghai. The "2023 Healthy China Tour" Xinle Station activity is guided by the needs of county-level hospitals, with technology promotion as its connotation, and people's health as its goal. It will effectively promote the discipline construction and professional technical level of grassroots medical institutions, continuously promote the high-quality development of hospitals, and continue to write a new chapter by providing safer, high-quality, and efficient diagnosis and treatment services for the people.

Cui Yuhong, secretary of the Party Committee of Dingzhou People's Hospital, said in the speech that at the time of the 16th Dingzhou Health Culture Festival and the 75th anniversary of Dingzhou Hospital, the arrival of experts from Shanghai not only enabled people to enjoy the domestic top level medical services at home, but also played a positive role in promoting the improvement of medical technology in Dingzhou city. He hoped to have more opportunities to exchange and learn with Shanghai General Hospital in medical, teaching, scientific research, and management in the future, and to promote the hospital to take more solid steps on the path of high-quality development. 

Zheng Xingdong pointed out in his speech that the Shanghai General Hospital, in collaboration with the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, has launched the "Healthy China Tour" activity, which is aimed at the health of the people, medical cooperation, and research. In response to the spiritual requirements of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to promote the expansion of high-quality medical resources and balanced regional layout, Shanghai General Hospital will work together with all parties to explore the construction of an efficient medical and health service system, alleviate the problem of difficult and expensive medical treatment for the masses, and further promote deep communication and cooperation with grassroots medical institutions in the future to meet the needs of more grassroots medical institutions and the masses.

In Xinle City Hospital and Dingzhou People's Hospital, Zheng Xingdong made academic reports on Thinking and Practice of High Quality Development of Public Hospitals for the staff of the two hospitals, which were highly praised and warmly welcomed by the staff of the two hospitals.

Professor Zhou Xin, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Shanghai General Hospital, Director Li Jikun, Department of Gastroenterology Surgery, Director Yang Wenyi, Department of Cardiology, Director Chen Hui, Department of Endocrinology, Director Yuan Lin, Department of Pathology, Director Bao Wei, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Director Rong Shu, Department of Nephrology, Doctor Zhou Kun, Department of Hematology, and Doctor Zhang Tiening, Department of Oncology, together with medical staff from relevant departments of Xinle City Hospital and Dingzhou People's Hospital, 10 experts carried out specialized diagnosis and treatment for the masses Medication guidance, health counseling, and other diagnostic and treatment services. Experts conduct in-depth clinical teaching rounds, case discussions, and department management guidance. Experts inquired in detail about the patient's condition, carefully examined their physical signs, analyzed the cause of the disease based on various test results, and discussed treatment plans. At the same time, they conducted in-depth communication and exchange on the problems discovered during teaching rounds, and provided professional guidance. While serving grassroots patients, they also held a "face-to-face, hands-on" teaching guidance activity with medical personnel from both hospitals.

In just two days, experts from Shanghai discussed many high-quality difficult cases in Xinle City and Dingzhou City, and aroused strong interest and enthusiasm. The academic demeanor, professional competence, and professionalism of an expert in Shanghai have been highly recognized by medical colleagues at Xinle Hospital and Dingzhou People's Hospital. The excellent medical conditions in both places, as well as the quality and enthusiasm of medical personnel, have also left a deep impression on Shanghai experts. Everyone expressed that Shanghai experts have brought new concepts and different styles to everyone, hoping to promote more exchanges between the north and the south. 

At the end of the event, the expert team of Shanghai General Hospital carried out thematic exchanges and discussions with Xinle City Hospital and Dingzhou People's Hospital respectively around medical technology, hospital management, scientific research and teaching, talent training and other aspects, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the discipline development of the two hospitals and looked forward to the future development, and made plans for future inter hospital discipline cooperation. 

At the Xibaipo Health Center, an expert in Shanghai conducted a free clinic for the local left behind elderly. The experts listened carefully to and examined the various health problems of the elderly, leaving them detailed diagnostic reports and instructions for further treatment, examination and medication. The expert group also donated drugs to the Xibaipo Health Center.

After the free clinic and drug delivery in Xibaipo Health Center, a team of experts in Shanghai visited the former site of the CPC Central Committee in Xibaipo with precious time, reliving the red spirit, not forgetting the original mission, and drawing a successful end to the "Healthy China Tour".

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