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A Cooperation Agreement Signed between Shanghai General Hospital and Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology

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At the time when the party and the country were carrying out in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on the theme of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, feeling the greatness of thought and gathering the power to advance, Zheng Xingdong, president of Shanghai General Hospital led 17 experts to Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology on the afternoon of July 4 to hold a signing ceremony. President Yu Tao and Vice President Xia Chunming of Shanghai University of Engieering and Technology, as well as directors and vice directors of management departments, deans and vice deans of the colleges attended the meeting. The signing ceremony was hosted by Vice President Xia Chunming.

At the meeting, Xia Chunming, Vice President of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, introduced the leaders and experts attending the event. After watching the introduction video of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, Wang Han,  vice president of Shanghai General Hospital, introduced the hospital's history, development process and future prospects. Afterwards, Xia Chunming, Vice President of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, on behalf of the university, signed a contract with Mr. Wang Han, Vice President of Shanghai General Hospital.

Yu Tao welcomed experts and delegation from Shanghai General Hospital, and expressed gratitude for our support for the construction and development of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology over the years. For the cooperation between the two sides, he pointed out: we should focus on the promotion and implementation of the "Healthy China" strategy, and jointly build a medical health service system for teachers and a mental health service system for students; Secondly, we need to focus on scientific and technological innovation in the cross-cutting field of medical-industrial integration, and explore the establishment of the Institute of Medical-Industrial Integration and Innovative Development; Thirdly, a working mechanism should be set up to study relevant cooperation plans, development plans and cooperation projects, so as to promote the cooperation between the two sides to go deeper and achieve more practical results.

Zheng Xingdong expressed his gratitude to Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology for the warm reception. He said that the signing of the co-construction is a big event and a good thing for both sides, which is of great significance and far-reaching influence. The visit has three main purposes. First, in-depth research and study. Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology is a nationally and globally renowned university with strong scientific research strength, abundant technical resources and advanced management concepts. Through research and study, we further deepen the understanding of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology. Secondly, we will focus on health services. The hospital will utilize our professional advantages to care for the physical and mental health of the teachers and students of Shanghai University of Engineering Science, and carry out health popularization and total health management services in a variety of forms online and offline. Thirdly, explore in-depth cooperation. Both sides will strengthen the innovation and shaping of cooperation mechanisms, establish communication and coordination mechanisms, mutual visits and exchanges, learning and discussion mechanisms, platform sharing mechanisms, and talent co-cultivation mechanisms, achieve strong collaboration and complementary advantages, and deepen and implement cooperation in science and technology innovation, teaching, and transformation.

The participants had in-depth exchanges in areas such as medical and industrial cooperation, improvement of medical service levels, joint talent cultivation, and dual employment of high-level talents. Both sides plan to jointly carry out research projects and carry out innovative work in new drug research and development, disease diagnosis and treatment, etc; Explore the innovation and improvement of medical equipment, and enhance the performance of medical equipment through the introduction of advanced mechanical engineering technology, so as to provide better support for the surgeries and at the same time improve the surgical safety of the patients; Conduct joint research on chemical synthesis and drug formulation in the field of pharmaceuticals. In addition, both parties are also concerned about the mental health issues of college students. Shanghai General Hospital will provide psychological counseling services for students at Engineering and Technology University, providing comprehensive services for their growth and development.

The signing of the agreement will provide a broad communication platform for both parties, promote close integration of medicine and engineering technology, accelerate the application and transformation of medical technology, promote the innovative development of medical technology, gradually develop from "research-oriented cooperation" to "industry-university research cooperation", pay more attention to the transformation and application of scientific research results, and better serve the health needs of the people. 

President Zheng Xingdong and the delegation also visited the Boeing 737-800 Simulator Project of Shanghai University of Engineering Science, the 5G+AI Innovation Laboratory, the Institute of Pharmaceutical Frontier Technology, etc.

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