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Professor Wenhua Chen from the Rehabilitation Medicine Department of Shanghai General Hospital has been appointed as Honorary Professor by the French Institute of Psychomotor and Rehabilitation

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On the afternoon of May 26, 2023, the "Forum and Award Ceremony for Mental and Sports Rehabilitation and Empowerment" organized by Institut Supérieur de Rééducation Psychomotrice (ISRP) was held at the Shanghai Special Children's Rehabilitation Center. Mr.Mark Soubiran, Executive Director of ISRP, Professor Wenhua Chen, Academic Leader of the Rehabilitation Medicine Science Department of Shanghai General Hospital, and doctors from the Rehabilitation Department of Shanghai General Hospital attended the meeting. During the meeting, experts from China and France had in-depth and friendly exchanges on the cooperation of the medical education, talent cultivation, and clinical promotion.

On behalf of the board, Mr.Mark Soubiran officially awarded Professor Wenhua Chen the title of "Honorary Professor". This is another important honor for Chen Wenhua after being awarded the "Special Contribution Award" by ISRP. As a rehabilitation expert and disciplinary leader, Professor Wenhua Chen first introduced French psychomotor rehabilitation, a discipline with profound humanistic connotations, into China in 2014. She achieved many achievements in various fields such as educational training, international exchanges, curriculum construction, and academic exchanges. She led a team to integrate the characteristics of elderly care in China, Translating the concept of psychomotor rehabilitation into theoretical and practical knowledge that adapts to the Chinese students and elderly care institutions, taking the lead in offering psychomotor rehabilitation credit courses in rehabilitation therapy majors, committed to imparting advanced concepts of integrating various technologies with humanistic guidance, and over the years, promoting the establishment of a talent training path for Chinese elderly psychomotor direction; At the same time, she actively introduced the philosophy and mind-body coordination techniques in Chinese Traditional medicine to the world. In 2017, she was invited to participate in the annual meeting hosted by the OIPR (International Association of Psychokinesis and Relaxation Therapy) and made a keynote speech on "Talking about the Cultural Style of Tai Chi and the Suitability of Modern Digital Technology Environment", to show Chinese culture and Chinese style mind-body therapy to global scholars. Currently, we are leading a team to collaborate with French experts to write China's first monograph on psychomotor rehabilitation, in order to continuously lead and promote the flourishing development of this discipline in the field of rehabilitation in China.

With the strong support of Professor Wenhua Chen, Liping Xu,  rehabilitation therapist at Shanghai General Hospital, Ren Peng'an, a 2020 graduate of the Shanghai Shanda Rehabilitation Therapy Department, Wang Pu, a 2021 graduate, graduated with excellent results in the first batch of China to study for a master's program in psychomotor rehabilitation in France in 2021, At the same time, outstanding results have been achieved in clinical psychomotor rehabilitation practice based on in-depth training. After being assessed by ISRP, the three individuals were simultaneously awarded the first batch of certified instructors for psychomotor rehabilitation in China.

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