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The Fifth Batch of National Regional Medical Center Projects Receives Site Visit at Jiuquan People's Hospital

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On February 3, a delegation led by Mr.Tianwei Li, the leader of the field investigation team for the fifth batch of projects of the National Regional Medical Center, visited Jiuquan People's Hospital, investigated the project construction, and held investigation report meeting for the fifth batch of project experts of the National Regional Medical Center, which marked a critical moment for the sides in building a national regional medical center.

The report meeting was presided over by Wang Liqi, secretary of Jiuquan Municipal Party Committee. Chen Ming, the first level inspector of the Provincial Health Commission, attended the meeting. Tang Peihong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jiuquan Municipal Committee and Mayor, reported on the work of  establishment of the national regional medical center. Zheng Xingdong, President of Shanghai General Hospital reported on the progress of cooperation.

Li Tianwei said that during the “14th Five Year Plan”, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Health Commission, and the Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly designed a major health service system. Among them, the construction of the national regional medical center is to achieve the expansion of high-quality medical resources and balanced regional layout. After several years of continuous promotion, the top-level design of the national regional medical center has gradually improved, and a number of projects have been successfully completed, demonstrating good results. This visit to Jiuquan will provide assistance for the establishment of the Jiuquan National Regional Medical Center and the construction of the medical and health service system. It is hoped that Jiuquan City will speed up the project promotion, rationalize and optimize the operation and management system, and ensure the smooth completion of the project. 

Wang Liqi said that Jiuquan has been the frontier and strategic place of the frontier fortress since ancient times, and has undertaken the important mission of strengthening the defense border and ensuring national security. A number of "national key weapons" have been laid out and constructed in Jiuquan. Many sophisticated professionals have the "big country" in mind. To ensure the "national key weapons", they are committed to the desert and are willing to contribute, and have formed the great spirit of "two bombs and one star", the spirit of Human spaceflight, the spirit of "iron man", and the spirit of Mogao. It is our glorious mission and historical responsibility to provide high-quality and convenient medical services to national defense forces and expert talents at the national level. Jiuquan is located at the intersection of the four provinces and regions of Gansu, Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Inner Mongolia. There are more than 11 million people living around it, and there are multiple ethnic groups within the territory. Ensuring the medical services of ethnic groups and improving the medical conditions of multi-ethnic families is our unshirkable and unshirkable responsibility. Jiuquan is a regional central city designated by the provincial party committee and government. For many years, we have continuously increased investment in medical and health services. In the 2022 national basic public health service performance evaluation, we ranked first in the province. Jiuquan People's Hospital is a famous tertiary hospital in the Hexi Corridor, especially the new hospital district of Jiuquan People's Hospital planned and constructed can provide first-class facilities and development platform for building a national regional medical center after being put into use. In general, building a regional medical center is not only the practical need to serve the national Grand strategy, but also a practical measure to promote national unity and progress. At present, Jiuquan City has a solid foundation for development. It is hoped that the investigation team will put forward more good suggestions for Jiuquan City and give us more care and support. The Jiuquan Municipal Party Committee and the Jiuquan Municipal Government solemnly promise that they will go all out to strengthen the security, adhere to the construction of the national regional medical center as the No. 1 project of the city's livelihood security, unify the pace, closely cooperate, and promote by special shifts, and use the city's strength to build the Jiuquan national regional medical center. At the meeting, the experts of the inspection team exchanged information with the participants on the work related to the creation of national regional medical centers. 

After the completion of the National Regional Medical Center, it will become a truly high-level modern regional medical center, based in Gansu, serving the northwest, and being a first-class domestic center. It can undertake the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and critical diseases in the region, protect the health of the people, and provide them with a better sense of medical access, happiness, and satisfaction nearby.

The construction of national regional medical center is to promote the sinking of high-quality medical resources and regional balanced layout, is an important strategic deployment to promote the construction of a healthy China, and is an important historical opportunity to boost the development of health care in Jiuquan City. Jiuquan People's Hospital, taking the opportunity of striving for innovation and relying on our hospital's advantageous medical resources, has jointly consolidated the foundation for building a national regional medical center, given full play to our hospital's brand, technology and talent advantages, anchored the grand vision of "regional center driven, radiating to surrounding provinces", closely focused on the urgent needs of the people in the region, the shortage of medical resources and the most prominent demand for medical treatment in other places, and built a highland for diagnosis and treatment of diseases with high incidence among the people in the region, Efforts will be made to promote the implementation and implementation of national regional medical centers, continuously meeting the needs of the people for access to high-quality medical services in a fair manner, benefiting Jiuquan, Gansu, and even surrounding areas.


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