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Gongji Warm Doctor | Growing with Songjiang New City: His Wish Is to Straghten the Patients' Spine: Dialogue with Prof. Dianwen Song of Orthopaedic Center at Shanghai General Hospital

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Recently, Songjiang District Media Center interviewed Professor Dianwen Song, deputy director of orthopedic center (presiding) and director of spine surgery (South campus), to show his personal experience in the construction of disciplines and regional medical care since he rooted in Songjiang for six years, and to show that the South Campus of Shanghai General Hospital is closely following the medical needs of Songjiang district and growing with the new city. 

In 2006, Shanghai General Hospital established and operated its south campus  in Songjian District, the "source of the Pujiang River and the root of Shanghai", pioneering to run a tertiary hospital in the suburbs. Since it rooted in Songjiang district16 years ago, Shanghai General Hospital has grown together with Songjiang District in the context of the national strategy of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, and has become a regional medical center serving the southwest suburbs of Shanghai and radiating the Yangtze River Delta Region. It has also witnessed the history of Songjiang District as a source of medical driver to support major national regional strategies and to start the construction of "five new cities".

In 2016, after careful consideration, Professor Dianwen Song decided to choose Songjiang as his workplace between two campuses of Shanghai General Hospital, making it a new "starting point" for his career.

"At that time, many tertiary hospitals had been gathered around Hongkou District, where north campus is locate. While south campus, located in Songjiang District, relatively lack of quality medical resources. I felt that it was a responsibility for me to serve patients there." He said that Songjiang is the southwest gateway to Shanghai, and the prospects are promising in the context of the national strategy of integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta.

The spine is the central axis of the human body, and surgery is "extremely delicate, difficult and risky," so spine surgeons are often called "dancers on the tip of a knife. For Professor Dianwen Song, who has been treating spine diseases for many years, a comprehensive support system is needed to ensure maximum surgical safety.

In the past six years, under the efforts of Professor Dianwen Song and his team, the software and hardware of the Southern Orthopedic Center of Shanghai General Hospital have been greatly improved. The introduction of high precision equipment such as full carbon surgical bed, mobile 3D C-arm CT, ultrasonic bone knife, intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring system, 3D surgical microscope, etc., has "escorted" the precise standardization of spinal orthopedic surgery. Orthopedic center led by more than ten disciplines, including oncology center, radiology, nuclear medicine, pathology, etc. The "MDT Clinic for Bone Metastases" was established to realize multidisciplinary collaborative diagnosis and treatment. ......" After the all-round upgrade of the discipline construction, the diagnosis and treatment ability has been further improved, for example, for cervical spine surgery in the past, it took about 1 week for a patient from the examination to be discharged from the hospital. Now, with admission pre-disposition and minimally invasive surgery, it only takes one day for a patient to complete the examination and the surgery. He proudly said that in 2021, the annual volume of spine surgery will reach more than 1,900, three times more than that of 2016, and more importantly, they provide Songjiang locals with a first-class spine treatment option.

In 2017, along with the construction and development of the G60 science and innovation corridor in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai General Hospital, Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital and the First Hospital of the University of Science and Technology of China formed the "Spine Surgery Alliance of Yangtze River Delta City Cluster Hospital Collaborative Development". At present, the "Alliance" has attracted more than 200 hospitals in four provinces and cities. "The Alliance is a joint effort to promote the development of spine surgery in the direction of standardization, internationalization and sustainability by discussing the difficult and complex cases and updates of spine surgery. Professor Dianwen Song, who has served as the rotating chairman of the Alliance twice, said that the differentiated development has opened up the "last mile" for residents of the Yangtze River Delta City cluster to enjoy quality spine surgery resources.

With the construction of "five new cities" from the planning blueprint into a new stage of planning to move quickly, take advantage of the momentum and make full force. Shanghai General Hospital south campus will also continue to closely follow the development plan for "five new cities", continue to promote the expansion and allocation of high-quality medical resources in Songjiang District, to better provide quality medical services for the people of the new city and Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. It is reported that the second phase of the 14th Five-Year Plan expansion project with a total construction area of 158,800 square meters started in October last year. Shanghai General Hospital will play the advantages of basic scientific research and clinical disciplines, deepen cooperation and exchange, promote the quality improvement of health care in Songjiang District, and further match, help and collaborate with the high-quality development of Songjiang's economy and society, including the orthopedic clinical medical center under the leadership of Professor Dianwen Song, the medical scale and capacity will take a new step forward.

"More and more medical resources are gathering in Songjiang. It proves that I made a right choice to root in Songjiang." Professor Dianwen Song said  emotionally, "The all-round high-quality construction of healthy Songjiang will certainly provide more and better medical options for the people."

Part of the text is excerpted from the journal "Shanghai Songjiang" 

Reporter:Haifeng Han 

Editorial:Publicity Department: Yang Hu, Shishi Cai


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