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Shanghai General Hospital Selected as A Pilot Unit of "High-quality Development of Public Hospitals"

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On October 9, the Shanghai version of the pilot list for high-quality development of public hospitals was released. Five public public hospital including Shanghai General Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, Renji Hospital and Huashan Hospital were selected as the pilot units for high-quality development of public hospitals in the comprehensive category.

On October 9, the Shanghai Leading Group Office for Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Health System printed and distributed the Notice on Carrying out the Pilot Work of High Quality Development of Shanghai Public Hospitals. It proposed that, on the basis of the recommendations of all districts and medical providers, the Municipal Health Commission (the Municipal Medical Reform Office), together with relevant departments, selected 40 hospitals with strong reform awareness, sufficient innovation and solid discipline foundation, the public medical institutions with large space for improvement as the pilot units for high-quality development of public hospitals in Shanghai; At the same time, 20 public hospitals were selected as pilot units for guidance. The pilot work will start from the date of issuance of this circular and will last for five years.

Take the national examination results as the main criteria

A total of 40 pilot hospitals were announced in Shanghai this time, namely, "10+10+20 (10 municipal hospitals, 10 district hospitals, 20 community health service centers). On September 21, the official website of the Shanghai Health Commission announced some details of the selection and review meeting of pilot units for high-quality development of Shanghai public hospitals organized by the Shanghai Health Commission (the Municipal Medical Reform Office).

As national pilot units for high-quality development or national medical center construction units, Zhongshan Hospital, Ruijin Hospital and Longhua Hospitals have completed the formulation of the plan and submitted it. That is to say, as one of the members of the "National Team", it is natural to be selected into this list.

What about other municipal hospitals? According to the Shanghai Health Commission, "the municipal hospitals are mainly selected according to the performance appraisal results of the national tertiary public hospitals in 2019 and 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the National Examination)." At the same time, "Comprehensively consider the municipal hospitals' access to national medical centers, national regional medical centers, national clinical medicine research centers, national traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation centers and other national platforms, as well as the construction of national key disciplines and clinical specialties of the Ministry of Education".

How to select district pilot units? According to the Shanghai Health Commission, "it will be selected from the regional medical center units that voluntarily apply, mainly based on the latest grade review," National Examination "results, and the feasibility evaluation of the application scheme, in order to reflect objectivity, fairness and transparency".

Tasks for pilot units

All districts, hospitals and pilot units should focus on key areas and key links, implement tasks and ensure effective work in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development of public hospitals.

(1) Comprehensively and thoroughly implement the document spirit of the state and the city to promote the high-quality development of public hospitals, promote the experience of Fujian Sanming's medical reform, establish and improve the modern hospital management system, etc., target various reform requirements, strengthen exploration and innovation in combination with the actual situation, ensure that various reform measures are effective, and explore the scientific model and effective path of high-quality development of public hospitals.

(2) The Municipal Health Commission, the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Education and Health Party Committee, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Education Commission, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Municipal Economic Informatization Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, the Municipal Drug Administration and other departments should create favorable conditions for the pilot work, in order to build the Party in public hospitals, deepen the central subsidy arrangement for medical reform, financial input, discipline construction, talent training, salary verification, medical insurance support. Preferential policy support will be given to the pilot units in terms of merit evaluation and other pilot reform arrangements. All districts and medical entities should speed up the transformation of government functions and implement various policies and measures in accordance with the relevant requirements and division of responsibilities for promoting high-quality development of public hospitals; We should implement the responsibility of the government to run hospitals, provide guidance to the pilot units, and urge the pilot units to implement the reform policy requirements.

(3) All pilot units (including counseling pilot units, the same below) should earnestly implement the key tasks of high-quality development of public hospitals (Annex 2), fully implement the president responsibility system under the leadership of the Party committee, and lead the high-quality development of public hospitals with party building; We should implement the functional orientation, strengthen the referral and horizontal cooperation, and actively participate in the construction of an integrated medical and health service system; It is necessary to strengthen the discipline construction, complement the weak points of professional specialties, and vigorously promote medical technology innovation; We should continue to improve medical quality, innovate medical service models, and comprehensively promote digital transformation; We should improve the level of refined operation and management, continue to optimize the structure of revenue and expenditure and the structure of disease types, and strengthen the connotation construction; We need to implement reform policies such as medical service prices, medical insurance payments, drug procurement, personnel compensation, and ensure that all reform measures are implemented; We should strengthen cultural construction, create a medical environment full of humanistic care, and care for medical personnel.

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