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2021 SGH International Pancreatic Cancer Forum Was Held in Shanghai General Hospital

   On April 30, Shanghai General Hospital and the British Circle Group jointly held the first G2021 SGH International Pancreatic Cancer Forum. Li Qi, director of oncology department of SGH, Long Jiang, director of pancreatic surgery of SGH and Dr. Daniel Krell, pancreatic oncologist of HCA in UK, introduced the latest diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer in China and in UK respectively. The forum was broadcasted live through the media platforms, attracting more than 4,000 viewers online. The on-site experts discussed warmly and the online audience asked questions enthusiastically.

Li Qi, introduced the treatment for pancreatic cancer in Shanghai General Hospital and and shared a case of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Long Jiang introduced his experience in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer. He firstly introduced a case of locally advanced pancreatic cancer. Professor Krell describes the role of chemotherapy in the treatment of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.

The forum on pancreatic cancer became the most interactive one on the related live streaming platform. The two Chinese experts had to continue to answer questions online after the British experts went offline. In addition to questions from the audience about the content of the Chinese and British experts' speeches, a large number of patients and their families directly asked the experts for advice on the development and treatment of their respective diseases and the development of cutting-edge drugs, and the experts' detailed and precise answers hit the concerns of many online viewers, who responded "I don't want to end, I'm not done yet, and I salute the experts and staff who are working in this field. Salute to the experts and staff working in this field ......". The interactive forum laid the groundwork for the next live online consultation with experts directly for the audience and patients.

     The special forum for pancreatic cancer has become the most popular interaction on related live broadcast platforms. In addition to asking questions about the lectures, a large number of patients and their families directly asked experts for opinions on their disease development, treatment and cutting-edge R&D of drugs. The detailed and accurate answers hit the concerns of many online audiences and They gave feedback one after another such as "Let the forum continue. I still have more to say. I want to pay special tribute to the experts and staff working in this field...". The hot interactive forum has laid the groundwork for the second online forum on pancreatic disease.


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