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2021 SGH International Urology Forum Was Held in Tele-medicine Center of Shanghai General Hospital

  On the evening of October 22, 2021 SGH international urology forum was held in the tele-medicine center in Shanghai General Hospital. Bradley McGregor, clinical director of the genitourinary cancer center of Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute in the United States, Shay Golan, director of Urology department of Rabin Medical Center in Israel and Wang Xiang, director of Urology Oncology Department of Shanghai General Hospital, shared their research progress and surgical experience. Qin Jing, Secretary of the Party committee of Shanghai General Hospital, Zheng Junhua, Vice chairman of the Urology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Secretary of the Party committee of Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, School of Medicine, Xia Shujie, Academic leader of the urology clinical medical center, Liu Zhihong, chief physician of urology department, Wang Xiaohai, deputy chief physician of urology department of Shanghai General Hospital, Zhou Fei, deputy chief physician of the cancer center, doctors from Dana Faber Cancer Research Institute, Rabin Medical Center and SGH group hospitals participated in the forum. The meeting was presided over by Wang Han, Vice president of Shanghai General Hospital and Wang Xiang, Director of Urology oncology department.

  Secretary Qin Jing said that the forum will become a starting point for urology departments of the three hospitals to build a regular exchange and communication mechanism, so as to enhance  academic strength, improve clinical diagnosis and treatment, promote discipline development and benefit patients. Secretary Zheng Junhua delivered a speech on behalf of the Urology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and the Urology Branch of the Shanghai Medical Association. He said that the forum provided an exchange platform for the doctors of the three countries and was an academic feast. Professor Xia Shujie, the discipline leader of urology center of our hospital briefed the center and said that the forum provided a platform to show experience and technology. He invited the participants to visit Shanghai General Hospital offline after the end of the pandemic.

  Bradley McGregor, director of genitourinary cancer center of Danner Farber Cancer Institute, shared the latest research of new drugs and development of renal cell carcinoma, bladder cancer and prostate cancer, as well as the treatment experience of the center. Shay Golan, director of Urology oncology at Rabin Medical Center shared his treatment of small renal masses. Wang Xiang, director of urological oncology of Shanghai General Hospital, demonstrated the video of laparoscopic and robotic minimally invasive nephron sparing surgery for complex renal cancer with 10 cases, which aroused great interest of the participants. Zhou Fei of oncology department and Liu Zhihong of urology department carried out in-depth discussion and made comments on the latest treatment of urological tumors. 

  The participants said that the lectures were useful and practical, and the comments were in-depth and accurate. The conference lasted nearly three hours and attracted more than 7000 people online.

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