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Multidisciplinary Cooperation to Resect Colon Tumor Causing Intestinal Obstruction: 100-year-old Patient with Giant Colon Tumor Treated in Our Comprehensive Cancer Center


   Recently, the Comprehensive Colorectal Cancer Center (CRCC) of our hospital cooperated with the emergency critical care department, general surgery center-gastrointestinal surgery, anesthesiology department, nursing group of operating room and other departments, performed a tumor resection for a 100-year-old patient with a huge colon tumor who suffered from multiple underlying diseases.    

   In late January, the patient, Mrs. Zheng, came to our emergency department for help due to unbearable abdominal distension and pain. After detailed consultation and CT scan, the emergency doctor on duty found that the old woman had intestinal obstruction, which was most likely caused by colon tumor. 

   At this time, the Comprehensive Colorectal Cancer Center (CrCC) of our hospital opened comprehensive diagnosis and treatment clinic. Led by Professor Qiu Zhengjun, the director of the center, all experts of the center fully discussed and work out a treatment plan. Five days after the operation, the old man could walk with the assistance of his children and was discharged from the hospital 2 weeks later.

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