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The Vascular Surgery Ward of Our Hospital Is Officially Opened ----Four Cases of Operation Were Completed the Next Day After the Establishment of the Specialty

Vascular surgery is an important branch of general surgery. In order to treat diseases of the vascular diseases in a more specialized way, our hospital established a special specialty of vascular surgery and opened a vascular surgery ward on March 1, 2021.

On the opening day, three outpatients and one in-hospital patient treated with MDT were admitted. The surgery were performed within 40 minutes the next day. The patients were discharged from the hospital recently.

Vascular surgery features small trauma, short operation time and fast postoperative recovery. The traditional open-heart and open-abdomen surgery, which often last several hours, were greatly shortened to about 40 minutes. The recovery time, nomally 15-30 days after surgery, was also shortened to 5-7 days. In this way, the patients experience is significantly improved.



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