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Sharing Anti-epidemic Experience with Innovative Sheba Hospital of Israel

    The continued spread of COVID-19 around the world has become a test of the strength of world’s health systems. How does Isreal, the world’s leader in technological innovation, perform in combating the epidemic? On June 23, 2020, our hospital held an international webinar with Sheba hospital on the prevention and control of the epidemic. As the leading institution of Israel in fighting against the epidemic, Sheba hospital has shown its strength in the fields of health care, scientific research and its amazing achievements. As one of the important forces in the anti-epidemic campaign in Wuhan and Shanghai, our hospital also actively participates in this battle. The two sides agreed to start an all-round cooperative partnership based on the sharing of the anti-epidemic experience. In addition, more than 200 management and medical staff from our group hospital participated in the webinar.

    Wang Han, vice president of our hospital, introduced the history, current situation and blueprint of our hospital to the participants. He looked forward to the future cooperation of the two hospitals. Dr. Itai Pesach, senior executive officer and director of children's center of Sheba Medical Center, revealed the mystery of Sheba hospital. Sheba Medical Center is a medical group integrating clinical and scientific research. It is at the world advanced level in the fields of cancer treatment, bone marrow transplantation, complex heart disease surgery and traumatic psychological rehabilitation. It has maintained long-term and deep-seated cooperation with world-class medical technology companies and pharmaceutical enterprises in terms of R&D and innovation technology. In 2019, Sheba hospital was named “the world's top 10 hospitals” by News Week.

    Sheba hospital actively engaged in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. For instance, the underground parking garage was converted into ICU ward to receive COVID-19 patients in short period. At the same time, it optimized the allocation of resources, strengthened personnel training, and fully applied its innovative advantages to the treatment of the patients with the assistance of tele-medicine technology. Dr. Itai Pesach shared his planning, organization and experience in the treatment of critically ill patients. Bao Aihua, doctor from our respiratory department, shared his experience in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, and explained in detail the clinical symptoms, treatment facilities, management of the patients and specific treatment measures. In the discussion session, Dr.Yael Haviv-Yadid and Dr.Xie Hui shared their experiences in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, which sparked heated discussions between experts from both sides. The contents included: the role of steroid drugs in the treatment, cytokine storm, the time of tracheal intubation and tracheotomy, the nutrition plan of non-invasive ventilator for the COVID-19 patients, whether the patients with noninvasive ventilator need prone position ventilation, etc. Both sides showed a strong interest in the cases and shared clinical research issues of common concern.

    Liu Fang, director of the international cooperation and exchange department of our hospital, presided over the webinar. Ms.Ofra Gordon, director of the international exchange office of Sheba hospital, spoke highly of the webinar for our fully preparedness and carefully arrangements. She hoped to take this opportunity to further deepen the cooperation and exchange between the two hospitals in the fields of medical treatment, science and innovation. The two sides agreed to carry out regular and online academic exchanges. The two hospitals will further established a comprehensive and in-depth cooperative relationship in the fields of clinical technology, scientific research and education.



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