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Take "Shanghai plan" to Wuhan and Bring "Wuhan spirit" Back to Shanghai, 161 Medical Workers of Our hospital Accomplished Mission and Came Back Home

Source: Shangguan news  Author: Dong Tianye, Huang Yangzi


 “We are back, Shanghai General Hospital!” On the afternoon of April 20, 161 medical team members from Shanghai General hospital who had supported Wuhan in three batches were released from quarantine and completed the mission.

Warm-hearted citizens, family members came to Shanghai General Hospital early waiting for the heroes to return.

    Under the escort of the city’s Traffic Police Corps, 156 medical staff of Shanghai General Hospital supporting Thunder God Mountain Hospital returned to the familiar hospital.


  Hongkou traffic police set up duty posts at the intersections along the way. When the bus of the medical team drove into Hongkou district and passed through the intersections, the policeman turned to the motorcade, saluted solemnly and greeted the heroes with the highest etiquette. Nearby citizens also smiled and waved their hands to pay tribute to our warriors.


            The colleagues reunited, and they were very excited.

       Mother and son are separated for a long time, hugging each other tightly.

       The colleagues prepared various placards to welcome the heroes home.

  Since the first batch of medical teams went to Wuhan on Chinese New Year’s Eve, Shanghai General Hospital sent a total of three batches of medical team to Wuhan to fight against COVID-19. The medical workers left their Footprints in Jinyintan Hospital, Wuhan Third Hospital, and Thunder God Mountain(Leishenshan) Hospital.

  Among them, the oldest is 66 years old, and the youngest is only 24 years old. We have prof. Zhen Junhua who as a team leader of the first batch of Shanghai medical team, completed a number of “breakthrough achievements” on the front line including the first pathological anatomy study of patients with new coronary pneumonia in China. We have prof.Liu Jun who led the integrated medical team and left a series of medical innovations on the front line. We have prof. Zhou Xin, the oldest members of Shanghai medical team. We also have prof.Wang Ruilan, director of emergency and critical care department, who was awarded the “Most Beautiful Doctor in China” and successfully saved a 103-year-old patient in Wuhan ……

Professor Zhou Xin and vice president Zheng Junhua went to Lingang New City to welcome comrades back home.

Team Leaders, Zheng Junhua and Liu Jun led the medical team into the welcome ceremony together

At the welcome ceremony, the gathering of the team members and the their children became the most touching picture.

  Zheng Xingdong, the president of Shanghai General Hospital, sincerely expressed his gratitude to the team members who returned as scheduled. He said, “the three batches of medical team members always bear in mind the trust of the people, the leader’s instruction and their own promises. They build a strong  defense line on the battlefield and compose a magnificent poem.In the coming days, we will focus on prevention and control on the one hand and development on the other, and strive to achieve the goal of prevention and control of the epidemic. ”

  On Chinese New Year’s Eve, Secretary Feng Yun escort the medical team to Hongqiao Airport. Today, he welcome everyone home.

  Feng Yun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai General Hospital, also paid tribute and gratitude to all the team members, He said, “in this severe struggle against the epidemic, you are fighting on the front line every day and night and fighting continuously. You showed respect for the life. You are dedicated to saved lives and helped the wounded with professional spirit. It is you who have the courage to take responsibility and are ready to sacrifice to save others. You passed hope, guard life and built an indestructible line with lofty medical ethics and superb medical skills. ”

The leader of the medical team returned the flag to the leaders, symbolizing the successful conclusion of the medical aid work.

Leaders from Shanghai Health Commission, Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai General Hospital awarded the advanced individuals in anti-epidemic work with certificate of merits.

  Since last week, the first two groups of 5 medical team experts, vice president Zheng Junhua, Prof.Zhou Xin, Prof.Wang Ruilan, Nurse Zhang Mingming and Shen Yan, have returned to work of medical treatment, scientific research and management.

  Today, the third batch of 156 medical team members are officially released from quarantine and will return to work one after another. Bring “Shanghai plan” to Wuhan and bring back “Wuhan Spirit” to Shanghai is the feature shared by the three batches of the medical teams.

  The warm welcome ceremony comes to an end in the spraying champagne. The anti-epidemic heroes will restart here and return to their families to enjoy a short rest.

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