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Doctor Wenyi Yang from Department of Cardiology of Our Hospital Publishes Research Result on JAMA

On August 6, Dr. Yang Wenyi, a cardiologist in our hospital, published an original research work entitled “association of office and ambulatory blood pressure with mortality and cardiovascular outcomes” in the top international medical journal JAMA. It is suggested that night and 24-hour mean blood pressure levels monitored dynamically are more correlated with cardiovascular events than those monitored in clinics.

According to Professor Liu Shao-wen, director of Cardiology Department of our hospital, blood pressure in the clinic is generally used as the criterion for diagnosis and evaluation of curative effect, and the treatment plan is adjusted accordingly. Few doctors pay attention to night blood pressure. The discovery of Yang Wenyi has brought the world a step closer to understand blood pressure.

It is reported that such prospective, large-scale, multi-center clinical research is still weak in China. At the same time, it is necessary for large public hospitals to carry out basic and clinical research and provide the source power for the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.


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