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Team of General Department Performs the First Laparoscopic Hole-reducing Complete Extraperitoneal Sublay Repair Surgery of our hospital

On July 15, the team of our Clinical Medical Center from General Surgery Department performed the "hole-reducing TEST operation" (totally extraperitoneal Sublay operation with laparoscope by reducing holes) for a female patient with recurrent incisional hernia with the help of the Anesthesiology Department, Nursing Team of Operating Room and other department. Through the operation, we skillfully combine the minimally invasive technology and latest concept of Sublay repair for incisional hernia, and make technical improvement, which reduces the number of punctured holes without accessing to the abdominal cavity. By successfully repairing defects of the lower abdominal wall and embedding the self-fixed patches, it reduces damages to the patient and surgery cost to the maximum extent. Now, the patient has been recovered and leave our hospital. It is learned that this is the first domestic "hole-reducing TES operation" performed with a single hole Port.

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