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Jiefang Daily: Shanghai General Hospital Launched an Intelligent Whole-process Guiding System


Since 2018, Shanghai General Hospital has taken measures to make the patients “spend less time in waiting and seeking destinations”, one of which is “intelligent AR whole-process guiding system”. The system provides intelligent guiding for AR real scene of the hospital on the mobile phone, which can be accurate to 1 m. By scanning the QR code on the self-service machine, patients may access to the service interface of Shanghai General Hospital. After “Self Service” and “Intelligent Navigation” are clicked, convenient features will be “moved” to the mobile phone, such as registration, payment, pharmacy, consulting room, inpatient ward and toilet. One may link his health insurance card number to the official account of Shanghai General Hospital.

Upon receipt of a push message which shows successful registration, he may click the “Start Navigation”, then a blue path from current location to the destination will be present on the screen immediately. After the “Real Scene Navigation” is selected, this blue path will appear on the real-scene image photographed by the mobile phone. With moving of the phone, the direction of the path will be adjusted to indicate the specific route for the patients. 

The “intelligent AR whole-process guiding system” integrates the intelligent guiding service to the system. The patients only need to input their personal information to link to their medical cards on the start screen. Then, the system will calculate the best medical process automatically based on current medical advice, prompt them to take following actions, and select the best path to guide them to complete the entire medical process. At present, the “intelligent AR whole-process guiding system” has included more than 1,000 pieces of medical advice, which can basically satisfy the demand of most of the patients. The patients no longer need to go in and out of the consulting room and ask the doctor where and what to do next.


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