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Our Hospital Started Construction of Ophthalmology Building as A Key Project of 13th Five-Year Plan

Construction of Ophthalmology Building, an important project of the 13th Five-Year Plan of our hospital, was officially started on September 28, 2018. The hospital celebrated this landmark day by holding a seminar.            

Xingpeng Wang, director of Shanghai Hospital Development Center, Mu Chen, vice director of Shanghai Hospital Development Center, Lei Zhang, vice governor of Hongkou District People’s Government, Xiong Zhang, vice director of Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, Weimin Jin, vice director of Shanghai Finance Bureau, Guoqiang Cai, vice president of Shanghai Construction Industry Group Co., Ltd., senior officials, representatives of our hospital attended the seminar. The seminar was presided over by Yun Feng, Secretary of the Party committee of our hospital.

Secretary Yun Feng expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the leaders, guests and colleagues attending the seminar, and introduced the significance, main topics and the agenda of the seminar.

Vice president of our hospital, Xiaodong Sun and Jinhua Wu introduced the overall discipline development plan and the 13th Five-Year Plan. Ophthalmology Center is a key project in the 13th Five-Year Plan of our hospital. The construction of the project marks a new starting point of our hospital to further improve medical services, optimize the process of diagnosis and treatment, and improve the quality of medical care.

The project is located in the southern part of our hospital, starting from Jiulong Road in the east, Wujin Road in the west, and Haining Road in the south. The project consists of two buildings. Building A has 22 stories with its height of 95 meters. Building B has 5 stories with its height of 23.9 meters. The main functions of Building A are ophthalmic center, urology center and gastroenterology center including outpatient, inpatient, surgical center, radiology, radiotherapy, hemodialysis center, functional examination and other medical functions, as well as underground garage, dining hall, equipment room, etc. It is a comprehensive medical building with  550 beds and 23 operating rooms. The average daily visit is about 2000. Building B is a teaching building, including classrooms, offices and other teaching functions. The new building area is 99,843 square meters, of which 71,889 square meters are above ground and 27,954 square meters are under ground. In the process of construction, we adopt the technique “top-down method plus BIM”, similar to minimal invasive method used in surgery. The project is expected to put into use in 2022.

Xingpeng Wang, director of Shanghai Hospital Development Center, made a concluding speech. He pointed out that health care is a golden card of Shanghai. The hospital should constantly improve the level of medical technology and services. As the first project in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Shanghai General Hospital, the project of ophthalmic clinic center should be constructed from two directions: enhancing service level and improving patient experience. It is hoped that under the leadership of Shanghai Hospital Development Center, the hospital will complete all the projects with high quality and present a gift for the 160th Anniversary of the hospital.

We sincerely hope that our hospital will make new achievements in the fields of medical service, construction of talent team, hospital spiritual culture and comprehensive management system, and make new breakthroughs in the discipline construction so as to align with the goal of Healthy China, Healthy Shanghai”.



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