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Standard, Communication, Innovation, Flexibility: Our Hospital Holds the 1st Clinical Care SBAR Case Scenario Simulation Competition

Recently, our hospital held the 1st Clinical Care SBAR Case Scenario Simulation Competition. After more than 4 months of preparations, 16 teams from our hospital’s North Division and South Division competed in the same arena. About 100 nurses watched the competition on site. Leaders from the Nursing Department, Medical Department, Masses Work Department, Publicity and Spiritual Civilization Department formed the jury.


Based the actual workplace scenarios at all levels, the 16 teams presented various aspects of communication in clinical care. The theme focused on doctor-nurse communication, nurse-nurse communication and nurse-patient communication. Social focuses such as teenage ectopic pregnancy, overnutrition for the second pregnancy, doctor-patient conflict and other phenomena were presented. To accurately express the essence of "SBAR" communication, the teams used rap, role reversal, dance teaching or oral English to let the audience grasp the standard SBAR communication, gain experience and inspiration while enjoying the relaxing moment.


SBAR is result-oriented communication. SBAR stands for Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation. In clinical work, SBAR is easy to grasp, easy to express, clear, brief, and can avoid omitting. It can help improving nurses’ consulting and communication skills.

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