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 Vice Mayor Visited Our Hospital



On the afternoon of Aug. 22th, Weng Tiehui, Vice mayor of Shanghai city, accompanied by Zong Ming, vice secretary general, Wu Jinglei, director of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Chen Jianping, director of Shenkang Hospital Development Center, visited our hospital. Zhen Jin, deputy secretary of Party Committee of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Zhang Xiong, deputy director of Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Zhen Shuzhong, deputy director of Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau, Guo yongjin, deputy director of Shenkang Hospital Development Center, and Lu Hua, director of Social Security Department of Shanghai Finance Bureau, were also in the visiting group.

The group conducted an investigation on the reform of personnel system in our hospital. President of Shanghai General Hospital, Dr. Wang Xingpeng, together with directors from administrative departments, accepted the visiting group.

At the meeting, Dr. Wang Xingpeng gave a report on the achievement of the reform of the personnel evaluation system. Secretary of Party Committee Feng Yun, Vice President Sun Xiaodong, Zhong Liwei, Xia Shujie presented reports on our evaluation and assessment system of physicians, planning of the talents cultivation, performance reform based on the classification of diseases, systematic construction of medical ethics.

Vice Mayor Weng Tiehui highly valued reforms conducted in our hospital. She said that Shanghai General Hospital made great effort to push the reform in an all-round way. We see the great achievements Shanghai General Hospital made in the past few years. The reform in human resource and management system will set a model for the public hospitals in Shanghai.

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