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Give Us Ten Years, Nothing Is Impossible: South Branch Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary of Establishment

On Oct. 26, 2016, We celebrated the 10th anniversary of the founding of south branch. Our hospital held a plain but grand commemoration. The president,secretary of party committee, vice presidents, deputy secretary of party committee, previous leaders and experts, directors of department, representatives from clinical departments and administrative sectors attended the commemoration.

Presided over by secretary of party committee Feng Yun, the commemoration kicked off with an elaborately prepared Documentary for the 10th Anniversary of the South Branch. The documentary showed the obstacle we confronted in the process of the establishment of south branch, introduced extraordinary achievements in discipline development, research, education, management, social responsibility, as well as our vision for the future development.  

On behalf of party leaders, President Wang Xingpeng made a report on the progress of the south branch made in the past 10 years. He pointed out that as first level-3 grade-A hospital in Shanghai settling down in the suburbs, we had a deep understanding of the medical reform policy. As a public unit, we concerned public interest. Thus, we did lots of practical work in improving the quality of regional medical service, satisfying the residents' demand for basic medical services and improving patient experience, actively exploring and promoting the integration of regional medical resources, driving regional hospitals at all levels to provide better service, making it easy for the local people to see a doctor in Songjiang District. In this process, the hospital gradually formed a unique pattern characterized by public-interest-centered "one hospital, two sites" homogeneous management and differentiated medical service development, which together with the regional tertiary medical service system provides successful practical experience and an empirical basis for the exploration of the "5+3+1" project. In the future, the hospital will carry out the "Healthy China 2030" Plan, continue to reform institutional mechanism and driving forces, to guarantee the people's health in an all-round way. The practice will further enhance the quality of people's health care and improve health fairness. We will make an unremitting efforts to build the hospital into a modern research-oriented hospital.  

The development of south branch can't be achieved without our employees who work industriously on their positions, taking part in the south branch construction all the way. The hospital decided to present our hospital former president Liu Bingqian with the "South Division Construction Lifetime Achievement Award", present our 62 colleagues including Cao Zhongwei with the "South Branch Construction 10-Year Contribution Award", and present the banner that reads "Follow the Source of Huangpu River, Build the Soul of Gongji" to the medical volunteer team. 

After that, Our south branch's first patient came to the stage and shared with us his experience with south branch. The 89-year-old Mr. Lu also received a cataract surgery operated by our Ophthalmology Department's Tian Xiaobo. At the commemoration, he recalled the scene when he came to see the doctor. He thanked our hospital for settling down in Songjiang and brought convenience to the local residents. 

The commemoration ended with the chorus of "Pursuit" and "Shanghai General Hospital's Anthem". 

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