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American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Vice Chairman Professor Demetriades Visits ICU

On Nov. 29, Professor Demetriades, Vice Chairman of American Association for the Surgery of Trauma and Director of the Trauma Center, Keck Medicine of USC in Los Angeles, as well as the Emergency Department's Director Professor Chudnofsky, the Trauma Center's Professor Zhu and Associate Professor Benjamin visited our South Division on invitation. Wang Ruilan, Director of Our Emergency and Intensive Care Department and Deputy Director Tian Rui received the experts. The two sides expressed the intention for further cooperation.

Keck Medicine of USC is one of the first hospitals in the USA to establish a Trauma Center. It's the pioneer of the current trauma care system in the USA. Its current director Professor Demetriades is Vice Chairman of American Association for the Surgery of Trauma. This delegation headed by the Trauma Center's Director and the Emergency Department's Director mainly came to observe the trauma care and emergency treatment systems of large hospitals and seek partners in China. 
Director Wang Ruilan briefly introduced our status quo of Emergency and Intensive Care Department and trauma care system construction. She shared our experience in trauma information system, hierarchical emergency treatment, medical team and ICU management with the America visitors. After that, Wang Ruilan toured the American experts around the hospital especially to our Emergency Room, Resuscitation Room, Trauma Center, Intensive Care Unit and Cultural Gallery. The American experts were impressed by our superior layout designing, scientific functional division, emergency treatment and trauma care capacity, advanced trauma care system and comfortable hospital environment. At our Culture Gallery, the experts stayed for a long time. They were impressed by our long history and profound cultural deposits. After the tour, the two sides discussed the establishment of cooperation. Both sides expressed the wish to have further academic and talent exchanges. They highly praised the features and advantages of both sides.   

In recent years, the Emergency and Intensive Care Department pay much attention to the international communication for the discipline development. On the one hand, they successively sent more than ten people to renowned European and American hospitals for learning and training. On the other hand, they strengthened their connection with overseas medical institutions by establishing long-term close cooperation. At present, our Emergency and Intensive Care Department is an emergency medicine clinical practice base for Toledo University in the USA. Every year, we accept two batches of American interns and resident doctors to practice at our hospital. This visit laid a solid foundation for both sides to further expand the international communication channels. 

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