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Our Hospital Signs Aid Agreements with Clinical Centers of Zunyi

To implement the "13th 5-Year Plan of Shanghai to Support Zunyi" and promote the development of medical and health services in Zunyi, on Dec. 16, the Signing Ceremony in Aid of Zunyi City's Clinical Center for Heart Diseases, Clinical Center for Ophthalmology, Clinical Center for Geriatrics, Clinical Center for Neurology, Clinical Center for Gastroenterology & Large Charity Clinic were held in Zunyi. Zunyi Municipal People's Government Party Group member Fang Dong, our hospital's President Wang Xingpeng, leaders from Zunyi Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, President of the First Hospital, Third Hospital and Fifth Hospital of Zunyi attended the signing ceremony.

Signing agreements is an important step in implementing Shanghai's plan to support Zunyi City's medical services under the guidance of the policy of "Guiding Opinions on Supporting Guizhou" issued by the General Office of the State Council. The agreement between Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and Zunyi Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning has been put into practice in detail. At the signing ceremony, Wang Xingpeng, president of Shanghai General Hospital pointed out that Shanghai General Hospital was committeed to supporting the construction of Zunyi City's clinical centers due to its shortage of medical resources. As the Holy Land which marked the great turning point in China's revolution, Zun Yi city played a key role in the victory of China revolution. Since Shanghai belongs to all Chinese people, without the support from all Chinese people, Shanghai couldn't made remarkable achievements today, which included its outstanding progress in medical and health fields. Shanghai General Hospital is willing, able and confident to contribute our strength to enhancing Zunyi medical industry's clinical service ability, research and teaching level, discipline construction and development, as well as hospital management ability. 

In recent years, Zunyi Municipal Party Committee and Government have put the people's health at a strategic position as a priority in development, paid great attention to medical and health services. The city's medical and health services have greatly improved. However, Zunyi City still has such problems as the shortage of medical resources, the low proportion of high-quality resources, and the weak medical insurance system, etc. It's an arduous task to support its poor health services. On behalf of Zunyi Municipal Party Committee and Government, Fang Dong expressed heartfelt thanks to Shanghai General Hospital for the strong support. He hoped that the five clinical centers of Zun Yi could make great achievements in supporting the medical management, infrastructure construction, discipline connection, personnel training from multiple directions, through multiple channels, help the old revolutionary base area's people to attain a moderately high standard of living by improving the people’s health. 

The two sides agree that the success of support depends on our hospital's sincere contributions from the management staff to experts, depends on Zunyi local medical institutions’ good grasp of the opportunity, good use of Shanghai’s quality resources, fast formation of a mechanism in terms of personnel and technology growth, fast formation of a scientific mechanism for enhancing Zunyi City’s medical quality management level. Disciplines must be connected in depth; experts and doctors must building sincere friendships, work practically and have the courage to take on responsibilities. 

After the signing ceremony, Wang Xingpeng leading our hospital’s experts held a large charity clinic at Zunyi Memorial Square, and visited Zunyi First Hospital and Fifth Hospital for a field investigation. 

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