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Shanghai General Hospital Hosts the 31st CDGM & DCGM Annual Conference and the 11th Seminar on Hospital Management

On Nov. 2, the 31st CDGM & DCGM Annual Conference and the 11th Seminar on Hospital Management was held in Shanghai, which was sponsored by CDGM & DCGM and co-organized by Shanghai General Hospital, Tongji Hospital Affiliated to USTC and Shanghai Hospital Association. More than 460 health department officials, experts and scholars from China and Germany attended the conference. The topics covered medical policies and systems in China and Germany, hospital management in China and Germany, hospital management in an aging society and new technologies in medical services, etc., which are closely related to the new challenges and reforms in the health sector faced by China and Germany.

At the opening ceremony, Nie Jiangang, deputy head of the Department of International Cooperation under National Health Commission, Dr. Christine D. Althauser, consul general of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai, Huang Hong, party committee secretary of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Wang Xingpeng, Shanghai Hospital Development Center’s party committee secretary and director, Chen Anmin, chairman of CDGM, Ohrloff, chairman of DCGM, and other guests gave speeches. Shanghai General Hospital’s party committee secretary Feng Yun, vice president Xia Shujie, vice president Zheng Junhua and experts from various functional departments and clinical labs attended the conference.

This conference focused on the challenges of an aging population faced by medical industry and other related issues. The experts present had academic and experience exchanges on the new concept of healthy aging, hospital medical management, quality control and informatization in an aging society, new technologies for the treatment of senile tumors and chronic disease management, health economy promotion, first aid medicine & rehabilitation medicine, Internet + healthcare, etc.. Shanghai General Hospital’s rehabilitation department head Prof. Chen Wenhua gave a keynote speech titled “The Status Quo and Prospect of Geriatric Rehabilitation”, which was highly praised by the participants. Shanghai General Hospital’s vice president Prof. Zheng Junhua presided over the subforum on “Health Economy Promotion”.

At the conference, CDGM’s first specialized committee, the Specialized Committee for Nuclear Medicine, was established. Shanghai General Hospital’s Nuclear Medicine Department head Prof. Zhao Jinhua was selected as an executive member of the committee’s first council.


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